Have Questions on Upgrading Your System?

We are here to help! Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on our upgrade program and available technology solutions.


Can I speak with someone personally?
Sure! Please contact us at upgrades@avs-ny.com with your questions. Be sure to include your contact information.

Can I add solutions/functionality that I don’t currently have? Such as shading solutions or outdoor entertainment?
Absolutely! At AVS, we provide solutions for your entire home - inside and out - and are dedicated to delivering the best experience for you.

Check out our Home Technology + Lifestyle Guide to discover what's possible.

I have another property that I’m interested in putting a system in, can you help with that too?
We would be glad to work with you on your other property. Multiple properties with systems allow for consistent management, functionality and an experience that will be uniform across all properties.

Your AVS Representative will work directly with you and our design team to determine your ideal system solution options.

I’ve missed the June 30, 2023, deadline but I would like to upgrade - is it too late?
No! Please reach out to us regarding your system upgrade by completing the Home Upgrade Form or by emailing us at upgrades@avs-ny.com.

What happens after June 30, 2023, if I don’t upgrade?
If you are not in the process of upgrading (awaiting a proposal, in proposal review, awaiting installation of a new system) by June 30, 2023, we will no longer be able to support or service your system. Without an updated system and technology, you may be left in the dark without the functionality necessary to support your day-to-day activities such as lighting, environment and entertainment control.

What qualifies for the 10% discount?
As each home technology system is unique, there are several factors taken into consideration to receive up to 10% off your upgrade including the system upgrades to bring your current technology to date and whether you decide to add additional solutions and functionality. Your AVS representative and our design team will work with you to determine the best solutions for you while maximizing discount benefits.


How long will my upgrade process take?
Once you’ve submitted the Home Upgrade Form our experts will reach out to schedule a free system evaluation within 24 business hours to discuss and schedule your FREE evaluation appointment. Our standard process will then proceed as follows:

  • Initial client meeting includes system evaluation and discussion on additional available solutions to support your day-to-day needs and enhance your life and home.
  • Personalized proposal development: typically 5 business days
  • Client proposal and project scope presentation
  • Proposal and Project scope approved
  • Initial deposit received
  • Equipment orders are processed
  • As equipment arrives:
    • Next progress payment
    • Installation scheduling is performed
  • Final installation, commissioning & programming completed
  • Client show and tell:
    • Final system demonstration for your use
    • Final completion payment
  • Nine (9) month check-in for any servicing and ongoing monitoring

What if my upgrade isn’t completed or started by June 30, 2023, and my system needs service?
If the upgrade installation/programming has started, we will work with you to ensure your home is operational. However, there may be times, when necessary, components and/or functionality will need to be suspended due to installation or programming. Our team will work with you to build out a schedule to minimize disruption during the project scope.

If the upgrade installation/programming hasn’t started we will support your existing system, as feasible, to keep you up and running for basic functionality*.

How will the install impact my home and day-to-day life?
Upon upgrade agreement and sign-off, our teams will work directly with you to build out a schedule that works best to minimize disruption.

Our AVS design and testing process allows for minimal downtime and disruption to you, and we work around your schedule. By our unique process of pretesting and configuring at our facility prior to install and set-up, it allows for an efficient and smooth installation with minimal time required to be physically in your home. Instead of spending weeks, our experts and technicians are generally in and out within one day’s time. If rewiring or construction requirements are required, we will work with you and your contractors to align our installation and set-up their timelines for a seamless install. Learn more.

*Depending on the issue, we may not be able to service the system as components may no longer be supported and therefore unable to be serviced.